District Staff

Administrator / Staff Title Email
Dr. Brian Recht Superintendent brian.recht@dayton.k12.or.us
Debbie Diener Business Manager debbie.diener@dayton.k12.or.us
Stephanie Ewing Director of Special Services and DGS Principal stephanie.ewing@dayton.k12.or.us
Dana Symons Grade School Assistant Principal dana.symons@dayton.k12.or.us
Mike Solem Interim JH/HS Principal mike.solem@dayton.k12.or.us
TBD Interim JH/HS Assistant Principal and Athletic Director
Pam Johnson
Food Service Manager pam.johnson@dayton.k12.or.us
Katie Terry District Secretary katie.terry@dayton.k12.or.us
Amber Estrada Fiscal Specialist amber.estrada@dayton.k12.or.us
Rick Palmer Maintenance Director rick.palmer@dayton.k12.or.us
John Bixler Technology Coordinator john.bixler@dayton.k12.or.us