Dayton Education Citizen Of The Year

Dayton Education Citizen of the Year

Once again the time has arrived to honor a special person in the Dayton community who exemplifies service to education in Dayton Schools. Please submit a nomination form or your own letter of support to the District Office no later than April 30, 2021 for the person you believe has done an outstanding job of supporting staff and students in Dayton. 

The Dayton Education Citizen of the Year award began in 1968 and at that time it was called the "Senator Wayne Morse Education Award". The award is based on integrity and character - honoring those who work in the community in support of education.

Past Recipients:

 Erle Parker-1968 Arnold M. Heimbach-1983  Manuel Gonzalez-2001  Larry Bales-2010
Adolph Schutz-1969  George Beal-1984 Cathy Karten-2002 Jan Bunn-2011
Ted Wirfs-1970 Donna J. Sonderman-1985 Sally Angaran-2003 Rob Hallyburton-2011
Roy E. Will-1971  Deward T. Sullivan-1986 Donna Wolf-Bellew-2003 Janelle Beers-2012
 Helen J. Manning-1972 James Shelburne-1987 Kathy Beckwith-2004 Nancy Carlson-2012
Margie Morgan-1973 Joanne Flint-1988 Lorri Flores-2005 Greg Wildhaber-2013
Dorothy Pomeroy-1974 Jim Connelly-1989 Guadalupe Villasenor-2005 Karla Harmon-2014
Ann Evers-1975 Emory Blackwell-1990 Terri Paysinger-2006 Cal & Debbie Kearns-2015
Alice Campbell-1976 Robert R. Dittmer-1991 Elva Martinez-2007 Bret Putman-2016
Enid McManimie-1977 Pauline Neiderberger-1992 Lizann Schultz-2007 Yvonne Craig-2017
Sybil Seward-1978 Penne Bryson-1997 Edie Martinelli-2008 Daniel Blanchard-2018
Earl McKinney-1979 "Jo" Windish-1998 Roger Lorenzen-2008 Pam Johnson-2019
Francis H. Dummer-1980 Benny Palmer-1999 Rick Kaminskis-2009 Tina Chase-2020
Jerry Carter-1981 Diane Halton-2000 Vera Sullivan-2009 Elizabeth Wytoski-2020
Russell Walker-1982