Alternative Ed.

Is an option for students when the “normal” school day is a challenge. We offer support not only while the student is in high school but for the year after they graduate. The program uses an online program as well as in person taught courses. The environment is small and supported.  This program is incentive based and the student receives support  to reach their goals.

O.A.R. Program

Online at your residence, can be achieved through the Skysail. We use an online program for academic classes. A student can also take elective courses at the high school or junior high and can participate in a wide variety of athletics and/or activities. What sets our program a part is the support you receive from Skysail staff. Weekly meetings, monthly activities; families feel a part of a learning community.

GED Prep

The Skysail staff can prepare students to take the GED tests through Chemeketa Community College.  Our small learning environment will prepare the students to successfully earn their GED.


Skysail-Chemeketa; Organization, Opportunities and Transition. This program is for students who have completed their high school credits, but are still in high school. Skysail sponsors the student at Chemeketa while helping with organization, calendaring, study skills, and making a smooth transition from high school to college.

Why Choose Skysail?

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive, compassionate, and welcoming environment. The Skysail program has a track record of success. Some of  our amenities:

*Technology available on request

*Small learning environments

*Safe and comfortable work space

*Supportive staff

*Post high school planning

We believe that every student deserves an education that meets their needs.

Come Visit Us!

Please call, email, or stop by the Skysail program. Located in room 5 at Dayton High School. The staff is eager to help your student find their educational success!

Who We Are

The Skysail Program is a part of the Dayton School District. We have numerous opportunities for your student. Some of the opportunities include:

· High school completion

· GED prep

· Credit recovery

· Grade replacement

· Alternative education

· College opportunities

· Online and/or blended learning

Contact Us

Elizabeth Turner
801 Ferry Street
Dayton, OR 97114

Room: 503-864-2273 ext. 567