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Molly Arce
Board Secretary
Phone | 503-864-2215

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780 Ferry Street
Dayton, OR 97114
Phone | 503-864-2215
Fax | 503-864-3927


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The Dayton School District Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Dayton School District Board Room, 780 Ferry Street. The public is welcome to attend. Those in the Zoom may submit their Public comment ahead to time, by 2:00pm the day of the meeting, to the Board Secretary.

School Board Zoom link 

Meeting Password: Dayton123!


Public Comment Protocol

All Board meetings, with the exception of executive sessions, will be open to the public. The Board invites
the district’s community members to attend Board meetings to become acquainted with the program and
operation of the district. The public has a right to attend public meetings held in open session, and may be invited to share comments, ideas and opinions with the Board during designated times on the agenda. The Board may conduct a meeting without public comment.

Individuals with hearing, vision or speech impairments will be given an equal opportunity to participate in Board meetings and submit written comments to the Board. Individuals requesting assistance, aids or
accommodations are encouraged to notify the district at least 48 hours prior to the Board meeting with the request, consistent with Board policy BD/BDA – Board Meetings.

Procedures for Oral Public Comment
The Board establishes the following procedures for public comment at Board meetings held in open
session. The information will be accessible and available to all patrons accessing or attending such a Board meeting.

  1. Public comment is limited to its designated place on the agenda and while time allows.
  2. A person wishing to provide public comment, if an opportunity is provided by the Board during a meeting open to the public, will sign in on the public comment sheet provided or submit their name electronically prior to the Board meeting.(*) A request to give public comment in-person or electronically does not guarantee time will be available.
  3. A person speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting may comment only on agenda items.
  4. A person speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting should state their name, whether they are a resident of the district, and, if speaking for an organization, the name of the organization. A spokesperson should be designated to represent a group with a common purpose.
  5. A person giving public comment is limited to an established time limit of three minutes. Statements should be brief and concise. The Board chair has discretion to waive time limits or extend the overall time allotted for public comment. Additional time will be allocated in a fair and equitable manner. If a person has more comments than time allows or is unable to comment due to time constraints, the person is encouraged to submit additional written comments to the Board through the district office as directed.

(*) When in-person attendees are allowed to provide oral comment, virtual attendees will be afforded the same opportunity. 

6. Inquiries from the public during the designated portion of the agenda will not generally be responded
to immediately by the Board chair, and may be referred to the superintendent for reply at a later date.
The Board will not respond to inquiries that are expected to be addressed during another designated
portion of the agenda. The Board will not hear public comment at Board work sessions.

Procedures for Written Comment
Members of the public may submit written comments or materials to the Board at any time at the district
office, by mail or by email to Materials or comments submitted at least 72
hours in advance of a Board meeting will be provided to the Board before the Board meeting, but will not
be read at the Board meeting. Written materials or comments submitted may not warrant action by the

Comments Regarding Staff Members
A person speaking during the designated portion of the agenda for public comment may offer objective
criticism of district operations and programs. The Board will not hear comments regarding any individual
district staff member. The Board chair will direct the visitor to the procedures in Board policy KL - Public
Complaints for consideration of a legitimate complaint involving a staff member. Any association contract governing the employee’s rights will be followed. A commendation involving a staff member should be sent to the superintendent, who will forward it to the employee, a supervisor and the Board.